Results of the analysis

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The result of sensitivity analysis is a report which in general consists of two components.

I) Main Report - contains basic information on the selected type of analysis. The main report is a table of the form:


Table of the main report includes the following components:

1)The table title - includes name of the analysis.
2)The first column - contains the name of the element that directly changes during analysis.
3)The second column - contains the original values ​​of variable elements.
4)The third column - contains the lower bounds of changing elements.
5)The fourth column - contains the upper bounds of changing elements.
6)The Fifth Column - contains a structural vector.
7)Scale Factor Ranges in which the current basis remains optimal and feasible.

II) Additional reports - contains additional information about the ranges ​​of the objective function, structural variables, dual prices and reduced costs, as well as charts illustrating these ranges. The structure of the additional reports is similar to the main report.