Performing sensitivity analysis

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To run the sensitivity analysis procedure, make sure that the model is solved and choose LiPS >> Sensitivity Analysis.



In the window that appears, select the types of analysis you are interested in . To do this, select the appropriate row in the left list and click the arrow to add them to the right list. Types of analysis that contains the word “Vector” in its name imply setting the structural vector of changes. To do this, select the relevant row and click “Settings...”



In the window that appears, you should: 1) enter the values ​​of the structural vector, and 2) if necessary, choose the modified column (row) from the drop-down list.

In order to get more types of reports (the change of the objective function, the dual prices, reduced costs) and charts select the "Charts" tab.



From the drop-down list, you can choose the model parameters: Variables, Dual Prices, Reduced Costs, Objective Function.