Format of the simplex table

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When working in the table mode of the simplex method, the result of solution is a report that includes a detailed solution process as a sequence of simplex tables like below:


To the each iteration of the simplex method corresponds the following information:

1) Number of "Solution Phase" and the current iteration.

2) The simplex table itself. Simplex table consists of the following components.

2.1) Basis column - contains the current set of basic variables;
2.2) RHS column (right hand side) - contains the current values ​​of the basic variables;
2.3) The columns of the technology matrix - contains the elements of the constraint matrix at the current iteration;
2.4) Obj. - contains the coefficients of the objective function at the current iteration.

3) A variable to be made basic - determined by the maximum coefficient of row Obj.

4) The ratios of right-hand sides of constraints (RHS) to elements of the column corresponding to the variable to be made basic.

5) A variable that must leave the base - is determined by the minimum ratio of paragraph 4.